Getting the Party started..

In a recent post I had blogged about it coming up to Freddie's birthday! It's less than a week away now *sadface*. We've planned for the party to be on Sunday and most of the stuff we brought from the internet has arrived (invites and card is still on the way!).

This is just a little post to show you all the little bits and pieces we have gathered for the party :)

All of the above Items I brought in a 'Thomas Party Bumper Pack' for only £13.95 - Proves you can do a party at home for pretty much next to nothing, and yet still impress your little person!
(This Pack is only for 8 people - but there is a pack for 16 for only £19.95!)

As well as buying the Bumper Pack I brought this 'Make It Yourself' Thomas Banner/Bunting for an added £2.50.
Also with this Item I had the idea that I can put it up for the party around the room & after I can place it up around his bedroom! I know he will love to have it up in his bedroom - it'll fit very nicely with his Thomas theme! :)


As this post is related to Freddie and his birthday, here are some more Baby Pics! (Video's seem to take forever to load :( ..)

The last one makes me laugh as it's typically Freddie as he is now!

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