Freddie's 3rd Birthday Party!

So we're back from holiday and have a few posts to update you with - starting with Freddie's Birthday Party (that was almost a week ago!).
He honestly had the most amazing time! He loved the fact he was centre of attention and that everyone wanted to talk and play with him. There was no set plan as to how the party was to happen, it was literally a 'come and do what you like and go when you want' type affair, but most didn't leave till nearly 9pm! 

I made sure I took some pics for the blog here and admittedly most were taken in secret.. Looking back through them it looks like it was crowded and hectic! *haha* but eh, we all enjoyed and ate ourselves silly so it was lovely! We even finished the evening of a family version of 'keep the balloon off the floor' game that everyone has loved since being a child.. was pretty fun! The boys naturally went all competitive on each other, jumping and kicking around. Boys will be boys!

Starting off with Images of the decorations before anyone had arrived!

So here are lots of the images - not the best quality. But he did have a great time, we all did :)
As my Granddad said "It doesn't feel that long ago since we were celebrating his 2nd Birthday". I have to completely agree.. and I bet it'll feel even sooner when he turns 4!

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