Eek, A little in love with..

(So this is the post I was talking about last night where I wrote it and went to publish, but everything had disappeared! Luckily Chris's laptop allowed me to share it.)

I wanted to share these Images of some of the latest items that Bump has received. My Nan bless her has been knitting some gorgeous blankets (and can't forget a couple of cardy's) for our little guy! I absolutely adore the wool colours and I have no doubts that 'Archie' will look super cute with these accessories! ;) (The one with the bobbles is for the car seat) 
The clothes that are shown here are from when  I went sale shopping - I know, I know..
But surely you must agree that they're adorable! A lot of the things that were in the sale were in the woodland collection that I have already brought for him. I'm guessing they are the winter collection. Ah well, It just made me want to buy the pieces I didn't get last time!
I also had to buy some more grows as I only had a few in Newborn size, and these little lamb ones are beautiful. Exactly what I envision when I think of the little guy :)


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