Dear Diary, Post 2.

Hi Everyone :)

I know its very unusual for me to write more than one post in a day, but this isn't really a post that can be posted any other time than now, as it wouldn't line up with the events coming.
I think these diary posts are going to be called bed posts as they tend to be written whilst I'm snuggled up in my duvet. Tonight I suddenly got so I felt freezing and couldn't get warm, so decided to get changed and jump into bed! Besides, the balloons could do with a rest *haha*

Anyhow, I wanted to share that all of little mans things shall be paid by the end of next week, and I'm just so excited to collect it all! Its such a relief knowing that he will have everything he needs, hopefully by the time he arrives :) Its approaching at a fast rate! I can't genuinely wait to meet him, my eyes well up a bit when I think of holding him for the first time (must be hormones ;)).
So tomorrow I'm going to a converted barn/shop called Mums Delight! I've been told its a pregnant womans heaven.. Apparently has everything you could ever think and dream of, in every brand. I'm looking forward to seeing if it lives up to what they say! (I shall try and take a couple of sneaky pics!).
 I know it seems that its all very last minute and to be honest you're right, I had been hoping to get all his stuff ages ago, but its just been down to the money. Luckily we've been due some which means that we can get these things, even though its later than we ever wanted it to be! I'm never one to say that money brings happiness, it really doesn't but it helps! I also think that when you have enough to get by on, anything extra feels like you've won the lottery. It takes the strain off of worrying and I'm glad I get to have this for a little while :) makes you appreciate exactly what you have around you! And these little extras will be very much appreciated.
I'm also off to Norwich again next Thursday which means I can collect and buy little guys' bed sheets and Moses basket! :D Its finally all slotting into place - have to say I'm an extremely lucky and excited Mummy! I have so much to be happy about that I can't be negative about anything, even the Braxton Hicks, Hip pains and balloon feet can't bring me down at the moment :)

To add to all the excitement, I visited the midwife on Thursday and she gave me the news that Bump is head down and engaged :) which is fab, means I can hopefully have a natural birth! Just got to keep fingers crossed its not by being induced! She was pleased with everything she saw and felt and still maintained her statement that he isn't very big.. Shall check that out come Tuesday when I have my scan :)
I've really got a great week coming up, can't wait to see bump again (want to know how much he weighs!) and have Norwich, then off to see Cats with one of my best friends next weekend :)
Alls good in my world at the moment :)

(I apologize for the happy go lucky post I have provided you with here - but I need to shout my happiness:))
Until another night! Ix

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