Busy, busy, BUSY!

Hi readers :)
I feel I need to apologise for not keeping you quite up to date, I know its only been a couple of days but feels like so much has happened.
Today it was Freddie's birthday party (his actual birthday is on Tuesday) and what a busy day it has been.. I got woken by Freddie at 6.45am which felt like the middle of the night! We had to sort everything out for the party. Bless my lovely mum as she came over to help me arrange and get ready when it was hers and my dads wedding anniversary! She also helped put up the Thomas bunting etc up! Glad she managed to come and give a hand as I really was pushed for time with her help!! We did have a lovely time though! Freddie had been jumping up and down since the moment he woke. He was in 7th Heaven as the joint lounge/dining area turned into Thomas everything!
Yesterday was a very hectic day as we had to get all the party food for today. It sounds simple enough but it never is! Had to hunt in every supermarket for a Thomas the tank engine cake, literally! (obviously it was in the last one we considered!!)
Also in one of the supermarkets Freddie lost his favourite teddy ever, Darry. He's had this toy since before he was born; me and the hubby found him whilst I was pregnant with Freddie, and it means the world to him. He's like a family pet in so many ways, its so silly really as it is a teddy but we were so desperate to find him as he comes everywhere with us - also Freddie will not go to bed without him. We left our details with the store, in case he gets handed in. After accepting (reluctantly) that he's lost forever, we get home and receive a phone call saying that he was there! *hooray!!*
 We also had to get Freddie some birthday presents.. I have ordered a couple of secret presents but wanted to allow him to pick something of his own that he wanted. But that again, was not as simple as it should be! *haha* toy shops are so frustrating after a while as there is so much choice for them that they just don't know what to get.. Finally managed to decide on a Farm tractor with a animal trailer and some farm plastic animals that'll go in the trailer. I also got a Thomas top so that he could wear it to the party.
After getting home and Freds having some tea, bathed and going to bed, I was left with the massive task of organising and sorting the party out.. So till quite late (or till my feet couldn't deal with it anymore) I was tidying and moving furniture to make room for guests. Our house isn't very big so when there is a plan of 10 people arriving.. Every inch of space matters!
I also had planned last night to play some music from my laptop whilst doing these chores and while the laptop was on I thought 'I'll just publish a post from last night' as I did two photo posts Friday night. However was massively let down as my laptop account wouldn't let me on, I went on as a guest and still wouldn't let me on. I came onto blogger and the post I had written had pretty much disappeared.. The photos were there, just not the text :/ was not pleased at all. So I'm guessing my laptop is having a moment.
Tonight I had hoped to share some of the photos from the party, but that didn't seem to go to plan, so I sincerely apologise and hope that in the near future I can get those images up for you!
I've got a busy day planned for tomorrow as Freddie goes to nursery, I need to post/sort my prescription, do Ironing for our trip, pack for our trip and get sorted for my consultant meeting Tuesday morning! Ok, doesn't sound like a lot, but currently as bump is taking over my life and waddle, it makes normal tasks a little hardwork :( hope it all goes plain sailing and that its a good day.. I'm very excited about packing! Definitely looking forward about going now :)

So yes, we've had a busy few days and a few more to come :) so its very important I get my sleep *haha* so shall hop off and get some zzz's. I hope to be able to post to you soon :) lx

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