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So I mentioned yesterday that I have a couple of special posts! I've finally got round to taking the pictures of all of 'Archie's' clothes and shoes! I didn't realise how many little outfits I had for him in both Tiny Baby and New Baby (Newborn) nor how many shoes.. I actually believe he has more than I do!
I have brought some grows and outfits in Tiny Baby as I found with Freddie that even though he was 8lbs 0.5oz he was TINY. All the newborn things were massive and looked quite ridiculous on him, so getting the smaller size was worth my time - he even wore some of these for up to 3 months and beyond!
I have to say I'm glad I promised you this post as it's got me over excited and broody looking at all his little things! I have to say that not everything is included picture wise as some things are still in boxes nor been delivered yet - but have done all the things we do have. (Shall take pics to show you of his stuff when they come individually!)

Tiny Baby Items

I love these two sets as they can be mixed and matched!

New Baby (Newborn) Items

I fell in love with this collection straight away! The woodland animals are so cute!

These two outfits are also mixed and matched! :)


These Booties go with the Woodland collection :D

Other Extras

 As I told you a few posts ago - I'm a little in love with Knitted Blankets! I brought these two on separate occasions and I love them so much! My Nan also is knitting me a couple of blankets for the little guy too, so plenty more blankets on the way!

These are also in the Woodland Collection - 'Archie' is going to look one cool dude in his matching gear! (I do have plenty of other plain bibs that are suitable for feeding.. but these gets a special share!)

So there you go everyone! The long awaiting post. Seemed like forever since I promised to show all of little man's stuff.. But I've finally done it :) I love everything I have brought him. There's still so much to get, but we're getting there :)
There's also plenty of stuff that I have that I haven't shown you such as bottles, towels, nappies etc as I don't think you need nor want to see all of them *haha*
I hope you've enjoyed this post! Ix

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