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So Today, I went to this converted barn, shop place that sells most Baby Items you need, called "Mum's Delight". It was described as a pregnant woman's heaven by my mum - and she was right! (aren't they always?)
 I fell in love with it (partly because it had everything I wanted in there and the fact that I'm broody as hell!) as soon as I walked through the door. The staff were super friendly and asked if we needed any help, we did call upon them after having a browse around to show us how to use the pushchairs/prams! We had a lovely lady demonstrate how to take the different gadgets off and on, and how to collapse the frame etc, which is so handy. Also the ones that I like all have a similar way of collapsing, which makes it even easier!
One of the things that I really liked about this place was the fact that they didn't try and pressurise you with any other offers or brands, they simply helped and guided you with the products you told them you were interested in - there's nothing more awkward than having to say 'no' to their suggestions!
She also told us that everything they have is price matched and on most things cheaper than buying from the actual distributor (they even did discounts on multiple purchases!). It was an absolutely gorgeous place to go and look around. The downstairs was kitted out with loads of different brands and styles of prams/pushchairs, car seats and changing bags. Upstairs was purely nursery/bedroom things - moses baskets, cots, furniture, wallpaper, curtains, clocks, blankets, bed sheets etc. They basically had everything you ever wanted and adored under one roof. I personally love anything Mammas and Papas and they had all the collections of bed sheets and moses baskets, that I took a massive liking to in Birmingham, and was told that they were cheaper than the store - which is beyond amazing news!

I have always loved the Oyster prams so I know for a fact that I shall be getting one of them. The lady said I could order the Dolphin Grey colour pack (one I originally wanted before the baby plan with mothercare) and have the pushchair bit and car seat, head hugger in the grey and car seat adapters all for the same money I could've got on the baby plan! (She gave us a 10% discount if all brought as a bundle). It has certainly been worth my time and energy in going to this amazing wonderland as they seem to want to give you the best prices and deals for everything! I also found out that I can get one of the yummy mummy, pink linings changing bags with 30% off if I want any of the original collection - definitely worth working out which ones they have!
To make the experience even more impressive, the lady told us that if I pay a £50 deposit on Monday for the pram, moses basket, stand etc that they should all be there to collect on Thursday! And anything that hasn't arrived she will post onto us when it arrives with them - like what more could you possibly want?

So today has been a fantastic day. I feel so happy that by next weekend I could have all of the little guys things here and waiting for him to use! :)

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