A Surprise for Freddie!


So this is a lovely post to be writing as it makes me smile so much! I'm blaming all emotions of all kinds on pregnancy hormones by the way.. *haha*
No, but honestly it's so sweet! One of my closest friends sent us the cutest parcel ever the other day! (Sorry it's taken so long to get posted up El!!). She asked me for my address last week and I gave it to her without much thinking, just thought maybe she was planning on sending Freddie a Birthday Card as it's a week on Tuesday (Ahhh! :(..) but something completely surprising arrived at our front door!
The postman knocked as it was too big to fit in the letterbox.. (Yup, always so exciting when that happens.. Means it's definitely not a bill arriving! *haha*) and gave me this package! I instantly thought that Chris had brought something, as it was from Amazon and was addressed to Freddie. But as one corner was ripped, the postman advised me to open it and check that nothing was missing - luckily nothing was and the parcel wasn't too badly damaged!
It instantly brought a smile to my face as the book title explains everything! It's so adorable, I couldn't help but have a flick through and noticed a really cute note too! It was such a shame it arrived when Freddie was at Nursery because he would've been so over excited to receive a parcel with his name on the front!
I couldn't wait till he come home to show him (obviously after he had his dinner so we could exclude sticky fingers!) and as soon as I showed him he said "ooh, what's that book about?". He looked really interested in it and I read the note to him too and he was like "Ahh that's cool! It's from Ella, Is it my birthday present?" (He has a thing for calling her Ella rather than Eleanor or El.. whatever you say, it's Ella *haha*) I told him it was a birthday present and also to explain about 'Archie' and he opened it and wanted me to read it..
It's a fantastic book and as El said to me it suits our situation perfectly, which it really does! I totally recommend it to any parents who are having a second baby joining the family, it explains in a fun way about what's going on with Bump! It did make Chris and I laugh as Freddie has been saying previously to the book arriving that my Belly is 'Archie's' bedroom! *haha* (Clearly isn't planning on sharing his with him then!)

Yup, Super cute eh? You know you have awesome friends when they send you things like this. Well should I say, your children!
And don't worry El, we have read it every night since, just like you said.. I'm sure by the time Bump arrives we'll never want to see the book ever again ;) *haha*
We're very grateful and we all love it! Thank you so much for thinking of us when getting this! :)
Lots of Love X

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