A Quick Post..

Hi Everyone! :)
Just a quick post whilst Freddie is having a little nap before we head off on holiday. We're leaving at 9pm, so by the time we arrive it'll be so late.. Hopefully get to have a little sleep in the car on the way! Not looking forward to having to get up early tomorrow for breakfast, shall be knackered. But we're all packed and ready to go now - I'm so so excited :D
Today is Freddie's birthday! I can't believe the day has finally arrived.. It seems like its far too soon, but nope, he's three and loving the attention that brings!! He's been over excited since the moment he woke at 6am by all his presents that were laid out for him! :)
We also have attended an appointment at the Hospital for my fortnightly check on my diabetes - they are doing well as usual. Will see them next time in 2 weeks when I have another growth scan and gynae appointment!

So the main reason for this post was to say that in our hotel there's no free wi-fi *sadface* so I'm not able to update you on the road sadly, so shall take pics and fill you in when we're back on Friday. (We're actually back late Thursday but the earliest I'll be able to blog is Friday Morning!)
Hope you don't miss me too much ;) *haha*
Blog to you soon. Ix

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