A Gift to Lift a Mothers' Spirits!

Hey everyone!

I didn't have a very good nights sleep last night, kept waking up and tossing and turning - not to mention the 4 toilet breaks!! Pleased to let you know that it wasn't bumps fault as to why I kept waking, I just kept getting braxton hicks - yes, I actually thought the real thing may have been happening! (although it wasn't really painful just uncomfortable, I just had quite a few quite close together) Felt like really strong period cramps in my lower back and obviously bump went tight - wasn't fun! So getting comfortable wasn't an easy task, unfortunately.

So getting woken up by Freds at 5.45am wasn't welcomed in any way! (I sent him to bed at 8pm last night, so to avoid the 6.15am wake up calls - only he got up earlier!?) He got into our bed for snuggles - though snuggles don't last long as he gets so fidgety. But somehow I managed to fall back to sleep again and completely missed the alarm and the boys getting up and woke to a text saying 'I got up and got fred ready for nursery and have taken him. Didn't want to disturb you. You need the rest xoxoxoxox' which was so adorable! :) Probably sent it so I didn't wake up and wonder what's happened to everyone *haha* But he had got back by the time I read it, bless him.

So I had a bit of a late(r) start, but managed to get on with a few chores (am taking it a little easier now!). Chris collected Freds from nursery whilst I made us all lunch and had such a lovely surprise when he got in through the door!
As it's coming up to mothers day they've been making handmade presents for all the mothers - and my they are so cute! It literally made my day seeing the things he has made. He did some drawings too as well as some presents! I had to take some pictures so that you can see :)

 This is the tag that went onto the flowers - It's so adorable! I shall definitely keep them :)

The Teapot
Came attached with a little bag with a biscuit and teabag! With a note of 'enjoy a cuppa on me Mummy'

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