35 Weeks Pregnant!

35 Weeks Pregnant

  • Baby is around 20 inches long now!
  • Baby is weighing in at around 5lbs 5oz  (about the weight of a honeydew melon!)
  • Baby won't get much longer now, just packing on the baby fat
  • The Fetal Brain Development is happening at a crazy pace now! (Lots going on in that little brain of theirs!)
  • As the uterus wall is getting thinner, baby will be able to know the difference between day and night - you may notice the patterns of sleep and wakefulness more now!
Hi Everyone :)
So it hasn't been long since I posted my 34 Weeks Pregnant post, so not a massive amount has changed! Aches and pains are still around, sugars are still being good!
Since being back from holiday my feet have been much better during the day, but they still balloon up in time for bed-time! I think the fluid intake levels have been higher since I've been home so I think that has made them much easier to deal with - not that my bladder agrees!
It's crazy how quick it's flying past, to think that our little man could be here in literally 3/4 weeks is so scary yet exciting! 
I still have a few items to get, which is slightly starting to stress me out, but I know exactly what I need and want so, shall order them when I have the money come through, which shall be soon! :) The hospital bag is pretty much packed now only need to pack in - Dressing Gown, Slippers, Pillow, Pen & Paper, Hospital Notes (still needing and using these at the moment!), Phone Charger! But these shall all be packed and ready to go by the end of this week :) I have completed Archie's mini suitcase, it's made me so broody seeing all his clothes and bits and pieces all packed in a case.
I do have things like the phone charger, blood tester, insulin, needles etc to go in but I can't really do that till nearer the end! I'm thinking that if I do unexpectedly go into labour, that they'll have to be brought when I go in.. (relying on other people, I know!). Also things like snacks and drinks can be brought once I get there. I don't think there will be a massive need for these as soon as I arrive! However, thinking about it I may buy some bits and pieces that can be saved in the cupboard until I need to go - makes for a much better plan!
Yesterday I went to Norwich with my mum and had a nice girlie day walking around the shops, I got some items that I wanted and needed for the hospital bag (I'm certain I'm over packing!) and got 5 more grows in 'tiny baby' as I only had a few, and you end up washing them constantly in the first few weeks!
Thursday I have the Midwife again (will update you on that when I see her) and next Tuesday, I will have another growth scan! (And all the other appointments surrounding it!!) I'm looking forward to seeing what's happening with little dude - shall see if he's still breech or that he's decided to turn around! I've become so that I'm not too bothered as to which way he is or anything like that now, he is the way he is and wants to be - so shall see what becomes of it! Also very curious to know his weight now - wondering how much he had put on in 4 weeks, they say they put a fair bit on in the last few weeks.. so be interesting to know where he stands, from last time at 4lbs 3oz (estimated).

Until next week :) Ix

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