34 Weeks Pregnant!!

34 Weeks Pregnant

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  • Baby is roughly 5lbs now and could be as tall as 20 inches!
  • The fat layers are still filling out, ready for when they're out in the world!
  • A boys testicles will be making its way down from abdomen to scrotum
  • Finger nails will be reaching the end of the fingers tips now
  • If you don't already talk to your bump, now would be a great time to start as hearing is fully developed
  • You may notice numbness/tingling sensations/pain in the pelvic region - it's the pelvic joints loosening getting ready for labour! (ouch, been getting this!)

This week still continues with the same theme of aches and pains! Backache is being such a killer at the moment, really uncomfortable and puts me out of action until it seems to decide to calm down, must be the weight of the little guy. Water Retention is also being a pain - my feet literally turn into balloons come late afternoon. And my feet ache so much when I've not walked very far :( I remember having this with Freddie too, must be something that I get during late pregnancy.

Today I have managed to hurt my hip and it's felt really sore on and off all day - I'm guessing it's the pelvic joints loosening up, but my god they really hurt! I have the feeling that being so busy really doesn't help the aches and pains, but I'm finding it hard to slow down!
I've had a very busy couple of days away on holiday. We had such a lovely time but I did struggle a little with the walking about all day, a bit of a shame really but I did get ordered to put my feet up for a while here and there. As we were staying in a room, there was very little work to do to keep it tidy (compared to our house!) and I enjoyed being able to use the excuse to have a sit down!
I definitely have the feeling that the next few weeks are going to be my relaxation(ish) weeks of pottering about at home and getting ready for #2, there's no plans that mean I'm going to have to exert myself at all - which is such a relief! (well apart from going to Norwich on Monday..) Today I've had the completely exhausted day after the comedown of being ridiculously busy.. which put me in a very foul mood! I'm hating that 'there's so much to do, yet I have no energy to do it' so safe to say it's been an emotional day! I was in that mood where I felt I was ready to bite anyone's head off that said or did anything I didn't like the look of, luckily Chris managed to completely avoid it and asked if I was ok and if there was anything he could do to help (pretty much as he walked in) so it instantly lifted my mood as I could reel the list of jobs my mind has been totting up and getting annoyed about all day. So yup, feeling hormonal and emotional..

This week in the way of getting ready for #2, I have paid some more off on my pram and moses basket. I have also got him the cutest teddy to keep with him from being tiny (bit like what Darry is for Freddie). 
So summing up this week in a round about way, I'm feeling knackered, achy and a tad grumpy at times! However, this sounds pretty bad, but I have it pretty easy compared to my close friend who is pregnant, bless her - basically in agony! Ugh, just have to try and keep positive and think that it'll be all over in a matter of weeks :) these pains won't last forever.. (at least that's what I'm convincing myself!)

(Sorry this post is late (I'm nearly 35 weeks now!) - I've not had anytime to write and post it.) Ix 

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