33 Weeks Pregnant!

33 Weeks Pregnant

  • Baby's weighing roughly 4lbs-ish!
  • Baby's roughly 17 inches long now (About the size of a Pineapple!)
  • As Baby's putting the pounds on now, he'll be loosing the wrinkly skin
  • Baby's bones will be hardening now
  • Amniotic Fluid has maxed out now Baby's getting bigger - explains why all the kicks feel a little ouchy! (no fluid to cushion the blows!)
Hi Everyone!
So another week has flown past! I think it helps that I've been so busy with family that I haven't had much of a time to sit down and think about it too much. I'm starting to get some serious aches whilst waddling about! My hips seem to get very sore as soon as I start walking very fast or too far, which is quite depressing. Also not to mention the backache. I've had to start sleeping with 3 pillows as I get some serious cramps and with extra pillows, it seems that it eases these pains! I'm trying to remind myself to slow down now but it's so hard with a toddler and a family home to run! (However, when I do get a moment to sit down, I get too comfy and start falling asleep!!) Chris has been very busy with work too so we haven't seen much of him apart from his days off which is sad. But hoping that this next week we will see more of him as work is a bit quieter.
Yesterday I had to go into town and buy myself some more maternity jeans as I only had one pair that were under-bump and as Archie Bump has grown enormous in a matter of days, they keep slipping down which crazes the hell out of me! I can't be dealing with trousers that keep falling down, it's so irritating. So I've had to push them aside for some over-the-bump ones - which were like heaven in trouser form! I couldn't believe how perfect they were, I actually think I shall live in them after bump gets out for the next.. however long *:P* So they were well worth the purchase - we need to be comfortable for the last few weeks eh!?
I also brought a top in the sale for £6 which was meant to be £17.99, yup, I seem to be amazing at picking up bargains at the moment! I also did another cheeky purchase of buying a top to put in my hospital bag for going home in.. I did the same thing when I was pregnant with Freddie, brought myself a new top and cardy that I could wear home. It just gives you that added lift up! I think its so easy for mums to get overlooked when newborns arrives so to have a little treat to myself is very nice indeed :) (P.S It's so me! ;))

I HAD A BRAXTON HICK THIS WEEK! Ok, I found this a little exciting as I've never had one before, not even with Freddie, so it was a completely new pregnancy experience (and I'm embracing everything new at the moment - Yup, that Happiness Project book is still inspiring!). It wasn't nearly as painful as I imagined they would be. I'm a complete wuss for pain, I can't deal with being ill, so thought I'd be in tears and rolling in pain due to having one of these.. but It just felt weird. It wasn't the most comfortable thing ever, but it just felt like a weird sensation that worked itself around my bump, but it was over in 25 seconds. (Maybe I'm just hardening up? Ha, Imagine that!)

Instead of my usual bump from the side shot today, I've included the shot from the front! My bump is definitely growing. I noticed today as I was trying to look down to decide what shoes to put on with my outfit.. that I can't actually see my feet anymore, let alone my outfit! This amused me greatly! Can't miss him at all now..

Displaying WP_20140308_015.jpg

Oh and also this week, It's been Lent! I have decided to give up Pizza - I've been doing amazing so far! Ok, so it's literally been days but still, no cravings! I decided to give up Pizza as I've been indulging so much in this one food recently and well Pizza Hut you've been too tempting. I'm hoping that I can make it to the end of Lent before falling into the trap. I found it hard to decide what to give up as I don't have any habits that I feel I do that needs to be given up, I don't drink, smoke or anything like that. (obviously wouldn't dream of doing it during pregnancy!) I do drink occasionally on a night out with the girls but I've never been that big on it and I've never smoked.. So I struggled so hard on what to give up, so I decided on that. It had to be food of some kind *haha* (By the way, I'm not religious or doing it for them reasons - I'm actually doing it to test my motivation for when I get back into my diet after I've popped!) 

I have a Midwife appointment on Thursday!
This week shall be concentrating on sorting Freddie's birthday party out - I can't believe he's 3 in a matter of 10 days.. 


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