32 Weeks Pregnant!

32 Weeks Pregnant

  • Baby is now roughly weighing 3 3/4lbs
  • Baby is now measuring 16.7 inches long!
  • Baby will gain about a third to half their birth weight now in the coming weeks
  • About every pound you gain, your baby will gain roughly half of that!
  • Baby now has toenails, fingernails and real hair (aww!)
32 WEEKS!! I can't believe it. I know I sound like a stuck record, now about this, but literally can't believe it! My little bubba is so close to meeting the real world and my wanting arms!
This week the last trimester stuff is proper kicking in! I feel tired constantly, all I want to do is sleep or at least be snoozing somewhere super comfortable. I'm also getting terrible backache which really isn't much fun, but I'm surprised it hasn't come on thick and fast earlier.. but I guess now the little guy is piling on his weight, it'll only get worse! I keep also getting tightenings in my lower back, like slightly.. it doesn't hurt or anything but like a contracting sensation. I wasn't sure whether these were what they call braxton hicks? I tried googling it and nothing seemed to appear!
Little guy is still being very active especially in the evenings (when I'm usually resting!) and still find it so weird to feel him squirming and kicking around.. It's not a feeling you can describe unless you've been through it!
Most nights I seem to be suffering from insomnia.. yeah, so I'm feeling knackered and tired all day only to be wide away in the small hours of the morning just thinking and ticking things off my imaginary list of things to do! Part of me wonders if it's to do with the fact I was awake most nights with low sugars that my body has gotten into the pattern? It's highly frustrating anyhow, but luckily it only seems to last about 3 hours and then I can get back to sleep so I suppose I could have it a lot worse. I guess the body's getting ready for the long nights and days we're going to be having with our little men!
Despite all of that, I'm feeling massively happy and excited! I've ordered the pram of my dreams and also got a moses basket ordered (yay!). Although I had an issue with my baby plan that I have signed up to with Mothercare in the fact that the colour I'd decided on (pram wise).. they simply don't have it to order on the plan - was gutted! Well saying that, I ordered a 'Oceana' which is typically a Aqua/Turquoise blue which also looked very cute and lovely. I guess I was more annoyed at the fact I'd spent so long in trying to figure out what colour to get (if you've read my early posts you'd know all about this dilemma!) only for them to not supply it anyway. Damn. But to be honest I'm just glad I've ordered and it's getting delivered before bump arrives :)
I also brought my little guy some new clothes in the sale.. (yes, I know..) I can't help myself! I see small outfits and am instantly drawn to them.. I'm so baby brain as well as pregnancy brain! Yup, I've been having some terrible moments with my memory this week, keep wondering what's happened to things and then they suddenly pop up somewhere and the memory comes flooding back as if to say 'DUH!'. (shall post pics of the new items soon!) 
I've also set my heart on a very particular changing bag for my little man that will not also go beautifully with his pushchair but also with everything me! I've opted to go for a pink linings changing bag (omg aren't they the most gorgeous looking bags ever?!). Does anyone have one of these? Are they as amazing as they look? I'm sure the novelty of them goes very quickly, but I really wanted one when pregnant with Freddie but never did as I couldn't afford to even think about it. So the knowledge that I can buy one is beyond the stage of exciting!

I've got a little niggling thing/worry about little guy though where I'm not sure if he may have a hearing problem. I know it may seem a little far fetched but a few weeks ago my mum randomly asked the question of whether he's deaf or not, as I am. It threw me because I never even thought or considered it.. but since then I've been testing little theories out and sometimes they pan out and sometimes they don't. For example, one day my mum shouted loudly up the stairs to my brother when I stood next to her and Archie jumped, yet this morning I made a homemade smoothie and whilst blending it right next to the bump he didn't once move..
And also when I read to him at night, sometimes he kicks around like a mad one, but others he's quiet, so I can't make out one way or another!
So It makes me wonder if it's just me thinking too much into it? or that maybe he does have a hearing problem, which whilst I wouldn't ever dream of wishing it upon him, it really wouldn't bother me after knowing what I do about the Deaf world. My mum read a report that said about in some cases that deaf babies can be breech as that way about they are closer to your voice box and heart beat.. (obviously this can't be true for all cases, but definitely food for thought!) I guess we won't know until he comes out and they do the newborn screening test. I genuinely hope he isn't for his sake more than anything. But knowing me it's a mothers concern! *haha*

I've got another consultant appointment on Tuesday (and scan!! yay!)

Till next week! :) Ix

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