Yay & Nay!

Hi :)
Starting with the YAY!

Today has been a very busy day! I went food shopping like I do most Saturdays' and also did some shopping for the Hospital Bag.. (It's actually surreal how quick it's coming to an end)
I'm having the issues that most Mums probably had over this matter - I don't know how much to pack! I keep thinking 'keep it fairly light, family can always bring stuff if and when you need it' but wanting to be organised, my mind doesn't want to consider this.. However, If I actually forgot something, I'd result in doing exactly that! *haha* It's like, I don't know how long I'm going to be there, so I'm probably over packing in all fairness.. I'm planning on doing 3 bags.

  1. For Me - All the basics that I need.. Essentially like packing a big overnight/weekend bag!
  2. For Baby - All his little bits and pieces - Though how many grows do I need? Going to pretty much put them all in!
  3. Spares - Does exactly what is written on the tin.. A mixed spare of all things that are possibly needed if it ends up being longer than a 3 day stay! (And includes coming home things!)
So yeah, I'm getting a proper pack on now! I mean it is literally counting down to 9 weeks if I was to go to complete full term, but knowing that's not going to happen, I'm preparing much earlier. Not even factoring in that he may decide to come earlier than a planned section or being induced! I know it sounds like I'm flapping around worrying, but I don't feel worried at all, just want to tie these loose ends up. Want everything to be ready so that if anything unexpected happens, we're almost at a head start! :)
I now have a fair amount that's needed on my 'to buy' list, but I have some more yet to purchase once payday arrives!
I also brought little man a new knitted light brown blanket, 2 pairs of shoes, 2 pairs of jersey bottoms and a car seat! (Car seat was a end of line reduced item at a bargain of £10!! (only because the box was badly damaged.. I mean who cares about the box at that price eh?! And it's an actual Kiddicare brand. Looks very decent!)) In my 'Archie' stuff post, I shall post pics of these items too.. I will try and get this done this week! :)

So the Nay is I'm feeling ill.. I'm certain I have picked up what Freddie had and I'm starting to feel rather rough! Have a bad cold, my throat feels very ticklish and I'm running very warm.. And all this has only came on today!.. Praying that things don't get worse overnight. (I'm not a good ill person *haha*)
Now I've written this post I'm going to head to bed with a massive glass of water and try and make myself feel better :P

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