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An updating post on my poorly man (amongst other things). He's been feeling very unwell now since Wednesday night :( We thought on Saturday he had made a recovery but seems like since then he's gone back to feeling quite terrible again! He's been very cuddly, a bit whingey, extremely snotty and has a cough that just won't shift! Bless him, it's so horrible seeing him so sucked of energy!
In the mornings he seems to act loads better despite the hourly wake up calls (yup, definitely getting practice in for #2!) but by lunchtime he seems to have run completely out of steam and complains of feeling 'so tired and needing bed'! I'm really hoping it goes very soon so that he can start to enjoy what's left of his half term :)

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Here's a picture of him I took when he was fast asleep on the sofa.. 
He's not fallen asleep on the sofa since he was basically a year oldish!

I have to give my Husband a standing ovation as he's been amazing these last few days and nights! Been massively supportive and I couldn't love him anymore than I always have. It's nice to know he's always there and will help at a moments notice. To list a few lovely things he's done for me recently:

  1. Has got up nearly every time Freddie has woken in the night(s) to tend and care for him (and now he's coming down with blocked sinus's - Ahh, I'm gunna catch a cold!)
  2. Several mornings I have come down and he's been either in the middle or started making me some breakfast (Aww!)
  3. Every time he comes home from work he's asked how Freds, 'Archie' and I have been (He's always done this, but it's nice to hear it)
  4. He has carried several loads of washing up the stairs for me when either my back has really ached or my feet have gotten swollen!
  5. Has given me lots of back rubs when things get tough towards the end of the day! (He really doesn't understand how appreciative of these I really am!)
So yeah, I know he doesn't read this Blog but it's nice to actually write how lovely he's been (don't worry I have told him too :))

Yesterday out of the blue I received an invitation to go out for a meal with some old and close friends of mine (haven't seen some of these in over 2 years!) and I really wanted to take the offer up as I haven't seen some of them in so long as they live far away from me and are too, so busy with their lives they've not had a chance to visit! But I felt so guilty in even contemplating it, especially as Freddie was so ill! I also hadn't had a chance to even discuss it with Chris as he was at work and was coming home about an hour before I had to leave. He however came in and I spoke to him about it and without me even asking if I would be able to go he completely offered to take on Freddie and anything that needed doing surrounding him and tea (Freddie hasn't really been eating still but managed to get a little something down him). I felt chuffed that he had taken on a 7 hour shift at work and actually encouraged me to go out.. (Yes, he really sounds like SuperHusband doesn't he?!)
Even though I knew I wouldn't be long, it still felt wrong to go out and do something only for me, I can't be the only SAHM who ever feels like this? I was a total of 4 hours, so I wasn't gone for too long. I had a lovely night once I got there, had a few giggles, ate some pizza, dessert and a massive catch up with some amazing people! We were the last ones to leave the restaurant and took forever to say goodbyes in the car park. So glad I went in the end as who know's when the next time shall be when we all meet again! (everyone said about meeting again in the summer after 'Archie' is born.. but we always say that! *Haha*)

Am off to the Hospital tomorrow (boo)
And have been told I'm off to go to the City afterwards for a little outing - Shall hope Freds has made a recovery enough to be able to go!

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