So many Hospital Appointments!

Hello there everyone :)

Yesterday I attended another Diabetic Consultant/Gynaecologist appointment at the Hospital. Although this visit felt extra special as we got to have a scan too! *:D* It was a growth scan, where they pretty much measure everything (same as 12 and 20 week scan) and also weighed them! (It's a predicted weight). I asked the lady how they measure the weight and it's done by head and abdomen circumference, which I found pretty awesome and they estimated around 3lbs :) He's also currently breech - so lets hope he decides to go head down within the next few weeks! (want to avoid c-section if possible)
It's always such a special occasion to see your baby via scan, and I felt utterly blessed to be able to see him more than the average person. Who knew there were a small upside to being Diabetic and Pregnant?!

'Archie' at 28 weeks 2 days
(apologies for the blurry picture!)

The Diabetic Consultant was very pleased with all my results from my blood tests and the results of glucose testing before and after meals. Also the Gynaecologist was very pleased at how well controlled my sugars are and how well it seems to be in comparison with little man's growth! 
I spoke to him about the whole delivering at 38 weeks, as I feel it would be best if I was able to go to full term it'd be best for the little man, unless there's complications and he agreed to 'play it by ear' as the saying goes.. As blood pressure and sugars are all good, so I felt that was a obstacle completed!
They have decided to see and check on me every two weeks until 38 weeks now, but eh, still got two more scans planned yet :) (32 & 36 weeks) so all is good and happy in this mummy's world :)

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