Ok, I'm officially feeling like a whale!

30 Weeks Pregnant

  • Baby is roughly 39cm head to toe
  • Baby shall continue to gain weight between now and delivery
  • Baby weighs roughly 1.3kg
  • Lungs and Digestive track are almost developed
  • Baby can tell whether it's light or dark in the womb

Hello once again everyone! I'm usually so much better for keeping myself organised with my posts and well.. everything! I seem to be falling behind on pretty much everything I need to be on top of this week (I've only 7 and a bit weeks left!) - mostly because I've been out most days this week (shall update you on our latest trip ASAP) so means that the usual stuff gets left behind.
I'm feeling generally good this week. I don't seem to be having massive problems apart from loads of hypo's (low blood sugars) in the middle of the night and it really isn't much fun.. I mean no-one likes to be poking around most of the night, let alone eating and checking bloods! Makes me feel like a whale sitting in the side of the bed in the dark snacking on food to bring them up.. And I'm sure this is also leading to a fair amount of weight gain! *:(* I have to say I'm looking forward to when I can go back to my diet and exercise regime when he comes out (obviously not straight away!). I've had to start getting a pillow to lay bump on as little man kicks me loads when I lay on my side the way I've always done (and love!) so had to improvise!
Little guy has been really active and all the kicks and moves seem to be picking up more of a pattern rather than random movements, and even though it's not waking me from my sleep, Chris has mentioned he felt him kicking about when he put his arm round me or rolled over etc (shows I'm a deep sleeper!). I've also noticed a lack of appetite.. I never feel really hungry.. like hardly at all, I've heard this is normal towards the end?

I have to admit I have a little thing for blankets at the moment.. I'm in love with them, especially the knitted ones! They look so cute and feel so well made (it's just a little thing of mine). Little dude shall have awesome blankets *haha* I also have to show you this adorable picture of some little booties I got him, I have to tell you that they are even smaller than they look in this image! I love them!

Photo: Seriously can't get over how tiny and cute these little booties are! :D ♥

I know I have promised to show all of 'Archie's' things in a post from way back.. And I really will soon! I'm still behind on getting some of the stuff.. but I know exactly what I want and when I'm getting it, so that's kinda organised right?

Another trouble I'm having is deciding on a name.. I have been calling bump 'Archie' because to be honest it's one of the names I've always loved and so does most people around me so it seems the obvious choice, thought I feel I should probably have a list, in case he doesn't look how I imagine an 'Archie' would look. I know, that all sounds like a load of random, weird stuff.. but I do know what I mean *:P* I have a few names I like the idea of.. I really like: Archie, Henry, Elliott, George & Harry. However I get a little put off by George, due to the Royal Baby and I know lots of Harry's.. but the Husband isn't that bothered on Elliott or Henry. Chris  really loves and have always wanted to name him Edward (he wanted to name Freddie it too) but I don't feel like such a massive fan of the name.. I have however agreed to have it as a middle name, and he has been more than happy with the idea :) ..So not sure what to do! (would've totally been avoided if we were expecting a Girl!)
I'd love to hear anyone's story on how they decided to name their child.. Did you keep the name that you named them as bump? Or did you have a list and pick one? Did you choose the name regardless if the partner/family/anyone else liked it? 

Hope you're all well :) Ix

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