Like.. WHAT?!


So a quick little post on the latest things relating Freddie..

  • BABY MONITOR - We've finally decided to let go of using the baby monitor as the little guy is more than capable of walking and opening doors (he has more than proven this when he was very ill! - which I'm pleased to say he has made a full recovery!). Non-the-less as a parent this is such a scary thing! As I've mentioned, I'm deaf so it does bring a little worry as to whether I shall hear him if I'm downstairs etc, but I know in my heart he can call and come down un-aided and let me know of any problems.. 2nd night of this and it's successful.. (I still go to grab it once he's in bed to realise he's not using it no more!)
  • HE CAN COUNT TO 12! He's been able to count to 10, if and when he wants to.. but now has extended his counting to number 12, which is a great achievement! :)
  • TAKE MY SHOES OFF? NO TROUBLE! Freds been telling us very clearly that he doesn't need help when it comes to taking his shoes off.. on, however is still in training! (even though he tries very hard to do all of this himself!)
  • I WANT TO PLAY HIDE AND SEEK!  Now this is possibly the most hilarious thing of late Freddie loves doing. He asks to play Hide and Seek and runs off whilst I count to 12. Obviously you can hear exactly where he is, but it's still fun to hear him 'hiding'. Once I try very hard to find him, it's then my turn to Hide.. This however, allows me to have 5 seconds to Hide and before I've left the room he's 'found me'. Some rule breaking is definitely going on! (but it's amazing seeing him laugh so much at the whole thing!)
  • EVERYTHING IS DRAMATISED! Freddie has always been a little bit of a Drama Queen - Obviously doesn't get it from me! But this morning Chris told him to come and get dressed upstairs and he loudly said "I DON'T WANT TO GET DRESSED... I'D RATHER DIE!" - I'm sorry but it simply made me laugh. I know they say kids are funny but this was quite something else! Oh Freds, you make my day.. everyday!
  • BABY NAMES? Nope.. It's 'Baby Archie'. Full stop.
It's so scary to think how quick he is growing. It's unbelievable to think that this little guy was once a bump and a newborn.. now in 3 weeks & 4 days he shall be 3 years of age. It's amazing seeing him develop into such a character. And this is just the start! :D

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