It all happened in one day!

Hi there :)
Firstly wanting to wish you a Happy Valentine's day! I hope you all have a lovely day :) Me and the Hubby don't have much planned as he's working all day sadly, but did manage a cuddle and kiss!

Wanting to update you on the happenings of yesterday. Our little Freddie has come down with such a horrid illness that has left him very much in the dumps. We think it's a bug he's caught from nursery (what a lovely present to receive at the start of half term!) as he's got temperature reading 'low fever' currently, explosive sneezing - yes, it really gets EVERYWHERE! And a nasty cough *:(* last night he was complaining of his legs hurting which we're thinking must be aching muscles and also ear's hurting.. So sounds like possible bout of the Flu! *Ahh* I hope it's not as it's a horrible illness for the heathiest of adults let alone a young child!
He reminds me so much of myself when he's ill, he was very emotional about anything you said or did and just wanted to be cuddled and sleep! He did have Calpol and that helped no end after getting into his system - seemed to perk up a bit, but still not the Freddie we know when he's well.
Luckily the Husband was off from work yesterday so that he could give a helping hand, especially when I had an appointment with the Midwife. Normally I would take him if its on a day he's with me, but he was not well nor happy enough to come out at all. So stayed at home with Daddy watching Peppa Pig having cuddles.

I waddled (probably quite literally!) off to go see the Midwife, after lunch. It wasn't my usual Midwife that I have called Tracey but it was someone else who was just as lovely and pleasant! I knew that the appointment wasn't going to be all that enjoyable as I was due to take my Anti-D injection *Ahh* but it has to be done in case I was to want any more children which is always a possibility :)
I had some blood tests taken at the end of January and they came back normal apart from Iron levels. I have a low Iron count :( However I wasn't that surprised by this as I've been feeling exhausted all the time and out of breath when doing the simple things like hanging washing out - so kinda nice to know it has been for a reason and that there is something that may help with that :) because I've been simply putting it down to the last trimester troubles!
Everything was really good with Archie - His heartbeat was 140bpm and bump is measuring at 30cm, he's still breech though. I also booked my Whooping Cough vaccine and having that next Thursday morning!
So yesterday was a very busy day!

Off to another hospital appointment on Tuesday! (The joys)
Also Freddie announced what he wants for his birthday, the list currently reads a tractor and a digger that he can play with, oh and a Thomas the Tank Engine cake - this may be achievable :P

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