Having a Sort Out!

Now I'm into my last trimester I've suddenly hit the panic wall of getting everything ready for the new arrival! (I say this but I've been organising and writing lists for weeks now *haha*) With only 10 weeks (possibly less) till he is due.. I feel the need to sort EVERYTHING out, RIGHT NOW.
Yesterday was the perfect time to start this. However saying this it was partly down to my ban on TV's, Xbox, phones and Laptops/computer for the whole day. I don't know how many of you are all the same but it seems that the TV's always on, (whether anyone is watching it or not) and there's a laptop on standby/sleep somewhere in the house! After receiving the electricity bill as well, I declared there to be a ban on all technology items. It did feel a little extreme but it was a good way to see how everyone coped without it.. and well Freddie seemed disturbed that 'cbeebies' weren't on, even though he hardly actually watches it (unless you're watching with him!) and Chris kept walking around aimlessly looking completely lost without his laptop and phone to keep checking.
I have to say I was a little shocked at how dependent it seemed my lads were on their technology. Me personally, I have a phone that I check occasionally (varies daily) and only watch half an hour of TV a night (I watch a soap) and blog a post every few days! but otherwise I'm doing house chores of some kind pretty much all the time - It shows!
But after I declared the ban they both seem to get over it after a little while and started playing together more (I'm not saying they never play, but it's between everything else) they were talking about random stuff and even started teaching Freddie how to write letters! I managed to even get really stuck in with it too as they both helped me more with the house chores - so in all it was a really positive experience for us all! I'm going to definitely keep that up and limit the technology usage and even have the occasional day without. It's always easier to keep this up in the warmer months as you play in the garden and go out more rather than being in the house, but it was a fantastic winter day with quality family time!

Now back to my having a sort out, I managed to rope my lads into helping me move furniture around in my lounge. I love having a complete sort out where you get everything out, hoover behind and under every surface there is (unbelievable how much dust gets about the place and cobwebs!) and sort out every item of whether you use it, like it or even want it anymore. It felt really nice to have the lads help me out, especially with the heavy lifting (obviously only Chris did this!) and move all the furniture about - I adore that feeling like it's a new room, as if you've just moved in! Gives the place a very much needed lift up and makes me feel like the room is clean and sorted :) Haha - or can consider this a nesting situation or a spring clean! And today I organised and sorted out the airing cupboard, it's ridiculous how many bedsheets and towels we have that are in need of throwing out.. So now we have a very clear and clean airing cupboard! 
I've set a date each week for big chores that need doing up until #2 arrives! (To be honest there will be more added that needs doing when he is here - especially as there will be another person to look after and clean up after) Next week is organising our bedroom around to fit the cot and changing table in.. busy busy! :)


I have finally worked out what colour I'm getting my pram in and it's the Dolphin Grey :) Going to be ordering it on Saturday! *Yay!!*

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