Feeling VERY Pregnant!

28 Weeks Pregnant

  • Now in the last trimester! Hooray!
  • Baby now weighs approx 2 1/2lbs 
  • Measuring about 37 cm
  • Fat Layers are beginning to form
  • Baby can now open his eyes
  • The nerve pathways to baby's ears are now complete

So I thought I'd do a little post updating about the bump. Like my title says, I'm starting to feel really pregnant now! (Finally hit the 6 months mark!) Bump has grow a lot in the last 2 weeks and it's showing in more ways than one!
I love being pregnant, well I have so far this time and had a easy time last time with Freddie. I love feeling Archie squirm and kick about - even though it's not very often but it's a beautiful feeling, even the unpleasant kicks are entertaining!
This week I've been suffering with a bad back, I can't seem to stay in one position very long before it starts to ache, and once it starts aching, it seems to take a long while to rub out *:(* thank heavens I have a hubby that has taken to giving me massages which help no end.. I think these may continue until he arrives! Also I've started getting water retention in my feet which makes them feel really tight and sore.. luckily not happening till late in the day at this stage! (I suffered with this with Freddie too) Heartburn is a bit of a pain too, been having some of this in the evening as well! Been making sure that my evenings are saved for relaxing with a book or some telly when Freddie goes to bed, so I can put my feet up :)

I keep finding myself going to look in Archie's wardrobe recently, at the moment it's the one thing that keeps making it feel so real that he will be here soon! I get a warm fuzzy feeling inside when I look at all his clothes, he can't come soon enough :)
With a second baby you forget how small the first one was at the beginning, because you always see and think of them as they are now (am I the only one who thinks this?). Also, me and the hubby have been talking and reminiscing about when Freddie was a baby and all the things he/we did.. and to think we're going to be doing it all again - we can't wait! (Well, apart from the birth, that isn't such a fun part of the baby deal!)

Because I'm a type 1 Diabetic my Diabetic Consultant, Midwife and Gynaecologist (or baby doctors - as they call them for pregnant women) have talked about delivering Archie at 38 weeks, which is in 10 weeks!! Even sooner than the 3 months we thought we had left! They're planning on inducing me.. oh dear *:/* I'm hoping he comes naturally without having to go through the pain and disruption of having an induction. I was induced with Freddie and it took 4 days to start working (they agreed to let me go to 39 weeks as there were no complications and everything was good - so he actually only came 3 days early). I'm aware that's quite a quick time but it felt like forever and it's horrible being away from your partner and home for days!
But because I know it's a possibility they're exploring I'm already making a start on getting the Hospital Bag up together. I've written a list with check boxes.. Yup I'm making sure I get organised and plan everything properly (as well as I can) before I go in. Especially with little Freds! The whole thing is going to be confusing enough as it is for a (then) 3 year old, so want to make it as comfortable and simple as the whole thing possibly can be - I know I'll miss him so much when I'm in the Hospital, but we're expecting lots and lots of visits!

  1. Off to the Hospital for another appointment with the Consultant and Gynae men - shall update you on what happened!
  2.  I'll do a post of all of Archie's things soon :)

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