Family Time (with pics!)

Hi Everyone! Hope you're all well :)

I've got a couple of special posts coming up over the next couple of days!!
Today I have a post on our night out last night. Chris had the day off yesterday so we spent it together with Mum/Nanny (as Dad was off doing a first aid course and she was feeling lonely!) at her house. I've never tried to hide how much I enjoy going back and seeing everyone, it's always nice to spend time with those who matter the most.
My Mum has been decorating her house up recently (well she's always doing something!) and in her Dining Room she has been after some Black and White images of everyone. We noticed how out of date some of our family pictures are! Years have literally gone past and there's only a handful of recent pictures - Most of the pictures are of Freddie! *haha* I'm always taking pictures of my little man and I realise exactly how big he's growing :) (really wish he'd slow down!) We look a little dressed up in these pictures as we decided to go out for a meal together.. these were of us getting ready :)
Here are a few of the ones we took - Some the good ones, some the bad.. well I have to say if we had a better photographer most of them wouldn't look quite so out of focus haha! (I apologise that my face is completely unflattering to look at, but I love the pics regardless!)

Watching some TV before we left - managed to take this sneaky shot without him realising or moving!

Freddie and Uncle Charlie ((My Baby Brother!) He was the only one who got a big grin!))

The 3 of us.. Totally shows off what Chris is really like!

Me and Mum/Nanny & Bump!

Me and Chris :) 

There's always someone who isn't looking at the camera or is pulling a silly face isn't there?

Definitely my favourite picture with Freds & Darry - His favourite teddy!

I took this Image yesterday before I started getting ready of Bump.
So taken at 31 weeks 4 days. 

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