Days Out and Giggles!

Hello once again! Had a busy couple of days travelling about :)

On Wednesday Freddie and I went and stayed round Mums/Nanny Poppets (a nickname that's formed as she calls him 'little poppet') because Chris was working a late shift at work and I hate being in the house alone with Freddie just in case there is a massive problem and I don't wake or due to anything else that could become a problem.. Also I'm Deaf in both ears and wear Hearing Aids (Sorry I've not mentioned it before but sometimes I feel people judge me because of it) so there is that issue in case I don't hear him wake up upset etc etc. I worry about being left alone without the man of the house to be there *:P*
I'm very lucky that my Mums is literally a 3 mile walk down the road, or a bus trip depending on what type of day it is. It was nice to stay at 'original home', there's no place like it, it's all so familiar and comfortable - we settled in so well! Also Freds stays at my mums most weeks for the night so he was more than happy to have a 'sleepover at Nannys with Mummy'. Another reason why we stayed was because we were heading to Lincoln to see my sister for a while and my Dad was travelling to Kent to do a job for the company that he works at and Me, Freds and Mum decided to tag along for a day trip and got dropped off at BlueWater Shopping Centre! (We picked my sis up along the way!)
We had a lovely day. There were so many shops to take a look around and so much to do there - that if the weather had been nice, would've been a perfect day as there was a lake on one exit of the shopping centre. The place is enormous! There was also crazy golf and a big outside kid's play area, sadly it was raining heavily all day so didn't get a chance to make the most of the facilities. *:(*

There was a particular amusing part of the day that mummy's will know and understand well with a toddler. At lunch we went to a restaurant in the building (there were so many to choose from!) and it was very busy. We all had eaten our meal and was finishing up, we've been given our bill and was getting ready to go and pay.
Now we've been pressing on with the toilet training a lot recently over the last 6/7 months and he's slowly getting better - just the 'let me know when you need to go' situation is a little lacking at times. We tend to get a 10 second warning and by the time you get to the toilet/potty he's normally been and gone in his pull ups; but we've been getting so that we've had more successful toilet moments than unsuccessful (even if that means a 5.45am wake up call announcing he really needs a wee!). Now we've been getting on really well with the wee situation.. it's more the telling us when he needs a poo. So many times he's been in the same room playing with toys and then saying 'I've just done a poo!', so we have been telling him that he also needs to tell us of this as well as a wee..
Well that was all unsuccessful until the moment of being in a very busy restaurant where the tables are close by to stand on his chair and LOUDLY say 'Mummy I really need a poo! Quick, I need to do it now!'. I have to say it was a little amusing as it was the last thing I expected him to say, but also a little embarrassing as so many heads turned.. However I couldn't help do a giggle and just try and weave through the tables as quickly as we could and go to the toilet. Sadly, by the time we had got there he had already done it, but on the other hand I felt immensely proud that he finally had told us he needed to go instead of just doing it! I did tell him he was a really good boy for telling us that he needed to go and he loved reaping the rewards of knowing he had in fact told us that it was imminent matter. Bless him, he's doing so well with it all, and it will feel weird on the day that we won't need to take him to the toilet and change him at all - but we're replacing that issue with a new bubba! *:P*

Basically #1 rule of Parenting : You'll learn to never get that embarrassed about anything! You'll eventually see and hear it all.. Nothing will surprise you after long! *Haha*

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