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Hi there :)
Just a post to keep things updated - Hospital appointment and the little trip Freddie, Mum and I took!

I went to a Hospital appointment on Tuesday and well.. It was like every other appointment I've had there. Except my Gynaecologist told me that as I'm now 30 weeks, if little guy hasn't turned round (he's breech) by 34 weeks they will start talking about 'my options' - As far as I can figure that means a C-Section at 38 weeks or try turning him around, so that they can begin inducing him when the time comes.. What other options could there be?!
My Diabetic Consultant said that my sugars are fantastic ((once again) I hate to sound like I'm bragging about it, but they always say they're great and it's like 'Yeah, I know.. I'm the one checking them on a very regular basis, so I know the results will come back good, because I've been making sure they're good!' kinda thing)) but recommended dropping my bedtime injection by 4 units as I am having a hypo pretty much every night! (Came to light when Freddie was ill and had to keep getting up and noticing I felt low) So shall see how that goes.. (I'm excited because when I go on 4th March we're going to have another scan!)

After going to the Hospital we went to Norwich (the closest city to us) and enjoyed yet another day out. Had a lovely lunch (filled me up so much I didn't eat till Wednesday Morning!) and went shopping around! I love going shopping with my mum, we're like the best of friends constantly chatting about everything, so had a fantastic day.. Freds was feeling quite a bit better compared to how he's been the last few days and even got his 'I don't want you to help me' attitude back so that proves he can only be getting back to his normal self! :)
All day though I had a massive problem with temperature control. My body just seemed to be working on HOT. I felt so hot, literally all day. I walked around without a cardigan on even though it wasn't quite that warm outside.. Crazy. Pregnancy really does bring on the weirdest of things.. My mum kept joking that I must be going into labour! (it was funnier than it sounds!) Thankfully I wasn't and didn't! Couldn't have the little guy come so early, it wouldn't be good for him *:(*

So being out all day Tuesday and going to Mums yesterday to celebrate my Dad's birthday and my night out with my friends the other night.. It felt like I have been separated from my one love for far too long! I don't know how many of you get it when you don't see your partner in so long (he was working long hours in amongst all of this) it just feels like there's so much to catch up on! And there was! Was so grateful that Chris had the day off today which meant we could talk and catch up on everything.. It was also nice that we had the place to ourselves for a while as Freddie stayed round my mums for a sleepover last night. Meant we could have some quality couple time :) We spent most of the day re-organising our bedroom so that little man #2 can fit in and it's all sorted out! Can't believe it's coming so quick!

I was due to have my Whooping Cough Jab yesterday morning however the surgery booked it at the wrong surgery. Tut, knew I should've waited till she got off the phone! 
So has been re-booked for Tuesday coming :)

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