Bad Dreams & Nightmares

The last couple of days I've been feeling rather very crappy. Definitely have come down with what Freddie had last week. 'Blergh' - the only word I can think of that explains exactly how I'm feeling *haha*

I understand that the title of this post seems a little odd.. but I promise you I shall explain and it will make complete sense by the end of reading this post!
As I've been feeling ill, my sleep has been very much disturbed in the last couple of days by sneezing and feeling too hot. In my last post about going to the Hospital the other day, I mentioned that my Diabetic Consultant suggested lowering the bedtime insulin to lower the risk of having hypo's as I was having them near enough every night. Pleased to say that the last 3 nights I've not had a hypo at all - woo!
However, last night what a completely different and bizarre story!

I planned on having an early night last night, going to bed with a book and settling down earlier than usual. I ended up going over what I was thinking of doing originally; which was lights off at 10pm, but ended up being 10.45pm.. hmph! I had my bedtime insulin and went to sleep. I however got woken up at 1.46pm (yes, I only know 'cos I looked at the clock to see what the time was) feeling exceptionally hot, only the sweating kind of hot which was a little unusual. I noticed that I felt really upset and my pillow was wet - had I been crying? Or really sweating that much? Went to the bathroom and noticed I was blotchy - definitely been crying! Hoping to cool down by the time I got back - I realised that I wasn't getting cooler.. tested my blood sugars and they were low. Explains it all! Had something to eat.. I presume.. (couldn't actually remember much after this point, I'm guessing I had some things to eat and went back to bed - yes, this was a little concerning to me too!)
Next thing I remember is having a nightmare. I remember everything in it, to exact detail. If I was in need of writing exactly what happened start to finish, I could tell you everything. (whether it actually made sense or not is another matter.. It didn't even to me once thinking in depth this lunchtime) What people were wearing, doing.. It's scary how much I remember of it, but I know why I do.. It was because it felt so real. And even now hours after it happened, if I think about it in any detail, my eyes actually start to water - it genuinely scared me I suppose.. (I hate to think how I'd be in real life if that was the way I reacted in a 'dream state')
I remember Chris shaking me awake in his arms. He was holding me tight and I was literally sobbing. I know it sounds so dramatic but I swear it's exactly how I remember it all and it's the honest truth as to what happened. I was so heartbroken over this nightmare that I couldn't fall back to sleep, I left the light on and just stared at the ceiling trying to get the whole thing out of my head.. but I couldn't. Even Chris kept whispering 'It was just a dream, it's ok' to try and comfort me but, it didn't feel ok, I wasn't ok! I simply just couldn't get over it. I laid there tears streaming down my face making my pillow wetter. It was 5.30am and I didn't go back to sleep.. I started feeling sleepy (most probably because I was feeling exhausted from pretty much crying all night (so it felt)) and then Freddie came into the room as Chris was starting to get up to get ready for work at 6.45am.
After Chris left I remembered that the children are back at school and nursery today after half term - Yeah hardly what I fancied getting up and doing! But I did, and checked my bloods and they were exceptionally high! Especially since I ate so long ago at near 2 in the morning. 
I couldn't make sense as to why they were so high.. but I had some insulin to lower them, got Freds ready for Nursery and took him. When I got back they were really low again! (rollercoaster much?)

I decided to do some research into what could've possibly happened as it was so out of character for me, in all incidences! I've never had a nightmare in my entire life so was wondering what could've brought it on.. was it because I was ill and hot? Or because I ate ridiculous amounts of food to bring my sugars up without realising what I had been consuming? Or did they go high because I was emotionally stressed?
I found out it's all of these reasons. I read several articles and they all said about consuming high levels of sugar can bring on nightmares if you were to fall asleep straight after (along with the story, this sounds like what happened) and due to being emotionally stressed it can shoot the blood glucose levels really high.. like a fight-and-flight response. I'm thinking being ill didn't help at all and then going low can bring bad dreams. (didn't help my blood pressure levels either!!)
I know it was a 'bad dream' as I got the feeling once I woke that it wasn't real.. It was sad but I woke KNOWING it was a dream. The total opposite of my nightmare. Also maybe some of the emotions I was feeling over the dream tagged along into my nightmare.. It could be a number of reasons. All I do know is that it was a very strange night. Little guy was also poking around (clearly feeling distressed too! - Had to have a little chat with him this morning telling him about it all) and that I never want to experience anything like that, ever again. 
It was such a random, out of the blue experience.. I know they say dreams/nightmares are based on your hopes and fears - but that definitely was something else!!

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