31 Weeks Pregnant - Eeek!

31 Weeks Pregnant
  • Less than 10 weeks to go! Ahh!
  • Baby weighs roughly 3+lbs now - still has a lot of plumping out to do yet though!
  • Is around 18 inches long
  • Organs are still maturing - All 5 senses are now working!

Hi Everyone :)

I can't believe we're almost there now - so excited!! This week, everything is pretty much the same, not many changes physically. I guess I am starting to spread out a little more now and bump is certainly feeling a lot heavier! Despite that I'm really looking forward to his arrival now.
I'm so lucky to still be able to sleep fairly comfortably and well still (disregarding the other nights antics!) and I feel much better since taking the Iron tablets.. I'm not sure if this is psychological rather than actual physical "better", but hey ho, I'll take whatever's going *haha*
One thing is I had an odd moment with my blood testing where when I applied pressure to draw blood from my finger my blood did manage to shoot out across the worktop which was a little disturbing! I considered this to be a side effect to the Iron tablets. My mum was also on Iron tablets a long while ago and also is Type 1 Diabetic (I know right, weird!) and immediately asked if she ever experienced this.. she said no. Oh. But my Dad said it could be to do with High Blood Pressure - which I really hope isn't the case! Kinda worried me into thinking cases like Pre-Eclampsia etc but I don't have any of the other symptoms of that currently. I shall bring this up next week at my Hospital Appointment with Gynae/Diabetic Consultant.

This morning I had my Whooping Cough Vaccine - surprisingly was over before I noticed it which was great! Total opposite to my Anti-D jab.. However my arm does feel a little sore now when I move it around. Ugh, but it will protect my little guy from contracting the illness :)
I'm definitely enjoying this pregnancy so much. I have one of my best friends beside me at almost every turn, (even though she's not physically here we're in constant contact!) and it's been nice to have someone to talk about everything baby, pregnancy and labour wise. We've been in discussions of me going to stay with her for a couple of days in the next few weeks (not many left now!) as I'd love to see her before we both pop! Still can't believe she's only a week behind me!

It feels really weird to say this, but there isn't much else to say. We're getting ready for his arrival and I've gotten most of the things for the Hospital Bag now.. However still in need of purchasing a few more items! (Moses Basket and sheets, Cot sheets, Bottle Brush (random I know, but it's needed!) and a Changing Bag!)
So shall leave you with this rather amusing video I came across on YouTube! (Definitely be more amusing for mums who already have been through labour!)
Blog to you soon :) Ix

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