29 Weeks Pregnant and Counting..

29 Weeks Pregnant

  • Baby's still hasn't put much weight on since last week (roughly 2 1/2 lbs)
  • Is roughly 15 Inches long
  • Muscles and Lungs are still maturing!
  • His head is now getting bigger to make room for his brain

(29 weeks 1 day - Yup I feel as big as I look!)

Hi, everyone :)
Sorry for the lack of posting in the last few days, been busy with family life and getting preparations ready for #2. Been taking a look at prams this week! It's so exciting - finding the transport for the precious cargo! I am in a massive dilemma.. (I imagine this how people who are choosing a new car feel) I know exactly what I want and the Husband has allowed me to have my ideal pram (yes, I'm completely chuffed!) but it's just the colour that I can't decide between. When I buy items for little man I always think simple, plain designs.. I think this is because it feels like it reflects his personality. With Freddie I brought colourful items, like Orange, Red and Dark Blue - it's the same now! But I get a different feeling with Archie, he's very much Grey, Yellow, Green and Browns. I hope you all kinda understand what I mean about the colour/personality thing?
So the dilemma is deciding what colour to get him Jade Green or Dolphin Grey? There's something about both of them that I love.. Just can't decide! Hopefully it'll come to me at some point :)

Everything has been going well with Bump, he's been jumping around a lot recently and being in the breech position he's making things feel a tad uncomfortable in the lower stomach region. Kicking my bladder constantly (yup, toilet trips every 5 minutes) and punching my stomach so I feel sick. I guess the pains and aches of the last trimester has started kicking in! Backache hasn't eased off much either but massages do help - thankfully my husband has been perfect for this! (actually he's been perfect with practically everything - bless him!) But a hot water bottle help too :) One thing that is going perfectly is Blood sugars and sleeping, I'm so lucky to still not be needing to use a pillow for support! He's a godsend in the not waking me up in the middle of the night :)


Am off to see the midwife on Thursday - shall update on that appointment.

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