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Hello Everyone,
Just a little post to introduce myself and the other people in my life that I shall be frequently talking about!

I'm Immy and I'm 22. A Proud Mother to a nearly 3 year old son - Freddie (picture to follow) and am currently 27 weeks pregnant with #2 'Archie'. I'm also a Wife to my lovely Husband Chris and we've been married 3 years :)
I decided I wanted somewhere where I can talk about my little family, because they are quite simply my world. I'm a stay at home mum with my little man and being in that environment where you indulge in "Mummy Activities", it means having so much to talk about and as I'm the only person in my close friendship group that has a little one (Although one is currently pregnant too - pregnancy talk, yay!) - it can be difficult to natter on about these perfect beings that are in your life (not that I let it stop me anyway!) without sounding like it's all you do.
I also found that I really enjoy reading other Mum Blogs! They're so interesting and entertaining, it makes me laugh and feel glad I'm not the only one having them issues and joys. So I thought I'd try and make a version of my own and hopefully you all enjoy reading it as much as I will writing about it :)

Onto the Pictures!

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Freddie - My perfect little guy :) currently 2 & 10 months

Me & Chris


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