Friday, August 5

GENDER REVEAL | Baby Number 3

When I found out I was pregnant, I soon started wondering whether it'd be a little boy or a little girl. Would they have a blonde mop on their head like their brothers? Share the same chin and button nose as me and the boys do? Or maybe this time we'd have a little person with green eyes like me, or again would they take their Daddy's blue eyes? What will their personality be like? What will they want to be when they're older? There's so many questions and it's exciting to think one of these days we'll have a answer to them.

"All looks well" is all we ever really want to hear out the mouth of the sonographer, so any extra news is exciting. I've been having very vivid dreams this pregnancy of little children and newborns, one was boy girl twins, another was a toddler girl and another I'm breastfeeding a little boy wrapped in a blue blanket. I know all of that is part of my brain trying to prepare me for another baby, but also trying to figure out the gender as my symptoms were different this time in comparison to the boys.

Thursday, August 4

Baby Number 3 | Pregnancy So Far

I'm going to be honest here, I've not documented this pregnancy as I originally hoped. I began with weekly updates, sharing symptoms that week but around week 6, I stopped as I just felt so ill. It continued until around week 14/15 and that really messed up my plans - I wanted to save and share every moment. Save it for the future when I could flick back and look at how I coped with the early days and balancing two busy boys, read about the little details I'm sure I've already forgotten.

Something I learnt in the feeling awful stage; I just had to keep ploughing along and get through the day best I could for them and the little one in my tum. Some days I was full of energy and others, I just wanted to curl into a ball. It got so I was wondering if it was the pregnancy that had me feeling so ill or the fact I couldn't just rest as and when I 'had a turn' with the boys. This pregnancy had been so different to my previous ones which didn't help on those rough days. But, I revelled in the thoughts that feeling unwell, is actually a good sign! I suffered with severe gagging, most things made my stomach turn and it often flitted between different smells (often ran to the loo for the feeling to pass!), food aversions (mainly citrus fruits), headaches, breathlessness through the most normal of tasks (felt so embarrassing!) and fatigue. Oh and hot flushes - oh dear, these were bad!

Wednesday, August 3

The Diaries of Robin's Toys | Book Review

We were very kindly asked a few weeks ago if we'd like to review a collection of books - we jumped at the opportunity! If there's something we all have in common in our little family, that's a love of books and reading.

Freddie started school back in September (and going into Year 1, next month?! Ahh!) and like many parents, we're shocked at the amount of learning that goes into our little people. He started school with very little knowledge regards to reading - he loved choosing a bedtime story and often one in the day prior, but since that first term, his reading has come along at a shocking rate. I see such pride in his face when he says a sentence without any hesitation and I often wonder how he knows so much in such a short time!
I'm always running out to gather a couple of new books, either from the charity shop or from The Works to keep the magic of reading alive. It's a proper life skill being able to read so I'm very keen to keep the boys engaged. They have their favourites, but they do love a new read!