Snapshot of January 2017.

I wanted to band together each month a few of my favourite snapshot moments that I have taken on my camera. My love for snapping has come back in full force since the birth of Arthur and I'm rather obsessed with taking picture of my loves. I'm in this bubble of contented happiness and I really don't want it to ever pop.

Realising What's Important In Life

The one thing I'm learning is there's always something more important to be done, whether that's gathering up the P.E kit ready for tomorrow morning, washing their favourite blanket because it has snot on, ready for tonight or washing out the bottles. They are all equally important for the person who they are meant for. They would be my three boys. Freddie, Noah and Arthur.

I've felt an immense amount of guilt over not blogging recently. Many reminded me that I don't have to blog, and that's right I don't have to, it's a choice and it's somewhat a hobby that I have happened to enjoy but it's not particularly important for me to do it. It won't affect my day to day routine that I have now with three young children, it actually just becomes another thing that I think about and feel guilty for not doing because preserve them special memories woman! You'll regret it if you don't..