Snapshot of February 2017.

I'm a little late uploading our February pictures but it was a hectic month with a half term, days out and many birthdays to celebrate. I really enjoy looking through the photo's I've taken for the month, my boys are growing at an alarming rate and even though a few weeks have passed I can already see changes to my March photo's.

Life is a big juggle at the moment, but I've always got a couple of moments to take a snap of our family life. I'll never get these moments back and I want to roll with them and soak them up as they'll never be this small for long.

I'm Chief Snuggler.

There's many times at the moment where I'm not entirely sure where I fit in amongst my gang. I'm mum but I feel I'm somewhat a little out of connection with that role some days. I'm one that beats themselves up daily about so many little things and I always have the 'no stop it' thoughts, until the next time. As a mum, I think the biggest fear is failing. Failing to support, encourage and bring up these little people we've brought into our lives, well. I often find myself wondering if I said the right thing or even said it in the right tone. I wonder if they're happy or we're doing enough for them to have a good childhood. And there it goes niggling.

Snapshot of January 2017.

I wanted to band together each month a few of my favourite snapshot moments that I have taken on my camera. My love for snapping has come back in full force since the birth of Arthur and I'm rather obsessed with taking picture of my loves. I'm in this bubble of contented happiness and I really don't want it to ever pop.