Sunday, October 16


October has proven to be a busy month so far and well our calendar doesn't look like it's going to let up for the remainder! I've found myself walking into the third trimester last week and I'm pretty excited about that, it seems such a milestone to hit! I've got to be honest, I'm starting to feel heavy and round this last week. Also over the last couple of weeks I've been ill with a flu type virus and have only just started coming out the other side. I don't feel this has helped with the feeling sluggish!

Saturday, September 24


These weeks are flying by, I can't believe again, it's the weekend! It's crazy, it's yet another week closer to Christmas (I'm allowing myself to say it since I'm due around that time too *wink wink*) and I'm throwing myself into being organised. I wrote the term dates down on the calendar as soon as they came through and I've been writing up present lists for what we want to buy the boys and another for grandparents. As it always get to November and everyone started chattering in my ear about what to get the boys, what we want, what Chris wants etc so this year it's getting sorted out early!

We've also been talking of budgets what with baby boy arriving at the same time, so we have his things to buy and presents for everyone else as well as the little things like Chris's works secret Santa and the extra festive foods, on top of everyday living - so it's becoming list central over here to work out how to balance it all. Thankfully Chris is in a position where he's paid hourly so therefore he can make up extra hours where it's needed to cover a lot of it, and bless him, he's been hard at it.
I too have been sneaking around on the internet for deals on things I think they'd like and have been scouting out sales in the hope of grabbing a bargain (I of course bought a few baby outfits and found out they were in the Mothercare sale a couple of days later for a few pounds cheaper each - argh!) -  anything that will help us out in the long run!

Wednesday, September 21

Finding The Routine, A New Teacher & Lots of Homework!

The Summer completely whizzed by and before we knew it, it was time to buy the uniforms and get back into school. Noah started nursery this month for two mornings and he's been so excited, I think it's because he has something of his own - he really wears his jumper with pride, it's adorable!
Our big boy from what feels like, absolutely nowhere has started Year One! He was both looking forward to going back and a little reluctant to get out the door. Freddie really enjoyed the slower pace of the Summer, he's a home bird is our Fred, he's never too fussed about getting out and about, he enjoys the home comforts whereas his brother is completely different and loves getting messy outside.

Freddie has been back two weeks now and is settling into the routine of getting up and ready. His school is fairly small so they've combined two years together to make 4 classes, so he's in with new Reception children and there's a new teacher this year. So it's been a learning curve for both him and us as the layout is different (they're currently building their block so they're in the school dining hall) - plus their teacher runs reading different as last year they changed their books as soon as they've read it, whereas this year they're sent 2 books home for the week. But new teacher totally means her own rules and Freddie seems to really like her, saying she's very kind which is lovely. I'm glad he's taken well to his new situation - it always helps when they're accepting.