Sunday, July 10


I've a to-do list the length of my arm and most of them are blogging related, but I'm just trying not to bother about them too much at the moment - and try and live, in the moment. Or in other words, do what I feel my body is up for. I don't want to write up too much about my pregnancy (see our announcement here) because I'm uploading a first trimester post very soon about it all; lets say it's been very different this time around. So my activity levels have really dropped off (only for the moment hopefully) and it sucks. I'm used to being on the move, tidying the house up faster and being a little more organized. However lately, it's been about the slower way of life, despite it really not being that much slower - at all.

Monday, June 27

Then There Was Baby Number 3!

So we have baby number 3 on the way. This feels like MASSIVE news!
On May 10th, came the news that we were expanding our brood and we couldn't have been more shocked. I stood in my mums bathroom literally shaking after convincing myself the 'symptoms' I was feeling weren't actually symptoms - it was going to be negative so why was I even bothering?
Well some things you just can't ignore can you? Mango suddenly tasted really disgusting. And that raspberry milkshake Chris offered me - well I was certain it was off! I'm a big foodie girl, I don't really do fussy and especially not aversions. So it sent off some small alarm bells. That and the several trips to the bathroom the night before. I laid in bed on the last trip and covered my belly with my hand. A little voice in my head piped up "there's someone in there, isn't there?" I kind of knew before I knew. I just didn't want to get my hopes up only for them to be smashed.

Monday, June 13

Taking photo's for Mummy

Back last month when I was studying, Chris suggested taking the boys out for a while. To simply give me some space and genuine silence. "We'll go for a walk and you can really press on without any distractions" - I was so grateful to his suggestion.. but I couldn't help but feel a little jealous of their trip out in the sun. I was stuck inside under a mountain of notes, literally trying to find a way to gather this information and put it into 'academic writing' worthy. It was hard, but I did get some done that day.