Monday, June 13

Taking photo's for Mummy

Back last month when I was studying, Chris suggested taking the boys out for a while. To simply give me some space and genuine silence. "We'll go for a walk and you can really press on without any distractions" - I was so grateful to his suggestion.. but I couldn't help but feel a little jealous of their trip out in the sun. I was stuck inside under a mountain of notes, literally trying to find a way to gather this information and put it into 'academic writing' worthy. It was hard, but I did get some done that day.

Friday, June 10


I love how this picture sums up how our lives has been recently; colourful, up in the air and busy. I've been really taking time out from this whole blogging business and I think it's down to needing to get back to my family. My course definitely took over at times, to the point where I'd miss out on little things because I was studying, preparing or writing assignments. I was pretty relieved it was over, once that last essay was written - I submitted (albeit without references - to which I panicked, rang my tutor and found out that whatever I submit last is the one they read. PHEW.) and I just wanted to soak up these little people.

And since finishing, that's exactly what I've been doing, enjoying family time and relaxing in the evenings. It's been so lovely to just have them few hours doing pretty much nothing - I definitely recommend it! To be honest, the whole blog seemed a chore.. but it's down to the last essay really sucking out my enjoyment for writing - I'm glad it's starting to pass as I've been feeling so guilty for not publishing anything. This was my place to really enjoy writing and get our little story written and there's probably so many little moments that I should've mentioned or captured and I simply didn't as I was too exhausted. But life happens and, I'm just glad I've started to pick up my Instagram once again. It's my mini blog for the everyday happenings and even one photo a day really brings so much.

Friday, May 6

Slimming World - Take Two - Week 10 - 14

I've said it time and time again, these weeks fly by. I'm finding it pretty good that this isn't such a battle anymore, the time slips by so it really does push you to make the most of every day and every meal. Again, I've lost 5lbs this month, which to be honest I'm pretty chuffed with seeing as April was a very busy month for me - I was out in London, girlie drinks and Chinese buffet, a meal out with El, Noah's birthday AND my birthday! But as well as that I've had a couple of non scale victories which I will share with you further down..

I'm the head chef in our house - despite Chris being a chef by trade, our kitchen is my kitchen. I totally understand the fact he doesn't particularly fancy cooking when he's been shipping out meals for 8/11 hours, near enough every day. In all honesty, it doesn't bother me too much as it gives me free reign over the meals and I can cook what fits well with the plan and also that they'll enjoy too! As previous, here's a few snaps of my meals over the last 4 weeks..