Thursday, November 24

Current To Be Read Pile

It's been a while since I did a TBR pile over here. There's always plenty hanging around (many were homing dust!). I recently had a bit of a clear out due to nesting and found a few I've yet to start, so I compiled a pile that I'd love to read in the near future.

A couple of these books have been loaned by a friend, we have a system where every now and again we swap a few books that we feel the other would like. It works well as we have similar tastes but also there's a couple that we may not have come across if the other hadn't picked it up - this is always a good thing!

Sunday, November 13


This week we've been all about taking the slower pace of life as I've got really sore hips which is making things that little bit more difficult. I saw the midwife on Thursday and explained how it was feeling and where. She said that it sounds and appears to be SPD - not exactly what I was hoping for! But saying that, it's not crippling me so I know I'm lucky in that regard. It's only in certain situations that it makes itself apparent and with a mere 8 weeks till my due date, I can't complain too much.

Monday, November 7

New Term, Homework & Parent's Evening!

Just before half term Freddie came down with Chicken Pox which really spoilt our plans - but now we're back to school, I feel that maybe he's playing a lot of catch up! But, It's a brand new term and we're settling back into our routines. I think the boys are really happy about this!